Good Dollar, A good version of Money

I just come back to crypto-verse after a long hiatus since April last year, the massive price rising on bitcoin and altcoins bring me back to this universe, I’ve found many new retail investors plug their money into bitcoin, I was shocked when my friend (he’s a conservative about investing) asked me about bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

After days following news about cryptocurrency I’ve found GoodDollar a really good project, supported by eToro, the project idea is to give everyone in this world basic income, and the concept is if anyone needs money they can claim it straightly from their personal wallet, currently 10G$(10 GoodDollar) can be claimed every day, with average minting 1M G$ (1 Million GoodDollar) GoodDollar max supply is 2.2 Trillion GoodDollar.

What I like the most about this project is their finite supply and decentralization, finite supply means less inflation, less inflation mean stable value, Decentralization means no one in this world can control our personal wealth, and last is Blockchain technology, blockchain makes this money easy to transfer anywhere in the world, and also protected from double-spending.

In my opinion, if this project successfully adopted as currency someday this will be a very good version of money, an ideal currency, there’s no millionaire yet in this currency, because no pre-mine or something like that, this coin minting purely based on Proof-of-Need in simple word “you need, you get” algorithm.

To get G$ (GoodDollar) you need to claim it every day on your personal wallet, create your GoodDollar Wallet here, and you need to verify your face without KYC, just your face, Good Dollar project using this face verification to prevent a greedy person to create multiple accounts. After verification complete, you will see 50G$ (50 Good Dollar) on your wallet as a registration bonus.

This project is new, you cannot get rich from this project in short term, but if you love the idea of Good Money, Internet Money, Spreading Wealth, etc take a shot at this project, and spread positive news about this project.

ps: Sorry for my bad English

Cryptocurrency Writer